Ty Causey 2019 "Hypnotic" Album to be released September 20,2019

If you've been a SoulTracker for awhile, you certainly know the name Ty Causey, as he has been one of the artists who has been with us from the beginning. He has been Exhibit #1 of soul in the heartland. The Indiana-based singer has been keeping his fans satisfied with a smooth blend of jazz and soul that continues to impress us years after we began covering him.

We are always excited when Ty issues new music, and he is now getting ready to issue Hypnotic, another collection of his always enticing vibe. And he leads off the album with smooth midtempo, “You're A Superstar,” a soulful number that glides like butter in a way that is pure Ty Causey.

Ty tells us, "Hey SoulTracks Friends, I'm excited to let you know, I have another full length soulful album to share with you called Hypnotic! A collection of up-tempo and mid-tempo grooves with a slight blend of funk that I hope you will enjoy. But for now, I want to share my first single from the album called 'You're A Superstar.' A smooth soulful feel good mid-tempo groove with some encouraging lyrics. I hope you will continue to support my music just as you always have in the past.  Thank you and God Bless You All!”

We proud to present “You're A Superstar” as our newest SoulTracks Choice Cut. Check out this winner below and welcome back the great Ty Causey!

Ty Causey – “You're a Superstar”