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Vocalist Ty Causey has a sure way of delivering the silky fabric of R&B/soul in a way that many have found strongly appealing and, here with Down II Earth, his latest offering, he again belts out the sweet sounds in a convincing manner. For the full review click here


"Already riding high on the UK Soul Chart, ‘Down II Earth’ is a fabulous body of work that displays the way in which Causey is evolving, not only as a vocalist but also as an accomplished producer and songwriter. With one of the most engaging voices on the scene today Causey really is one to watch.” For the full review click here


"Down II Earth" rates of the best album yet from the super-cool, mighty confident and ultra-soulful Ty Causey. The musical road that Ty Causey travels is still a very smooth, dependable one and we will all want to keep tagging along, as the set is one that doesn't fail to impress.

The journey theme is one that kicks the album off, the sexy and rhythmic "Rocket To The Moon" nods it's head towards Marvin Gaye / Leon Ware's collaborative work as far as harmonies go, and the sweet sax gives us more than a little bit of classic pizazz."

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“Those of you that know Ty know exactly what to expect, smooth jazz, sensual soul, and then some. Ty delivers his best album yet and deserves worldwide recognition for staying with a winning formula. This is 21st century soul at its best and the CD is full of grooves to make you feel good. Get with Mr Cool, and buy this CD today.”

Soul Brother Records

"Ty’s laid-back and effortless vocal is perfectly suited to the infectious sensual grooves he writes. Mr Consistency, Ty has a distinctive voice and Soul persona much in the Marvin Gaye ( a la I Want You)/ Leon Ware vein. Cuts like ‘Rocket II The Moon’, the sublime ‘Any Means Necessary’ and ‘Recognize’. Lovers of a 2 Step groove should check out the mellow head nodder ‘Love II The Bone’."


“The music of Ty Causey is musical comfort food. In uncertain times, people eat the foods that they know they like . . . The musical comfort food theory explains why Causey's music goes down so easy among people looking for a steady diet of mature and sensual jazz infused soul and R&B.

Causey doesn't add many new ingredients on Down II Earth, his latest independently produced record. That's okay. Causey grew a substantial national and international following by sticking to what he does extremely well. If anything, Down II Earth shows that Causey has become more focused and efficient as a songwriter.”

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"Lovin Ty's Smooth Cool Groove" Jazz Expansions with Major Brooks: (Sunday @ 12noon Eastern) on RhythmFlow.net!

SMOOTHER THAN EVER, BUT 2 THE POINT! New music has risen once again by the very talented vocalist Ty Causey. Ty once again remains smoother than ever, but to the point on this new CD, which is nothing new. Ty not only writes smooth, sensual and powerful songs, but also sings with such passion and conviction on his compositions. We will be adding to rotation for New York radio on "HARLEM AFTER MIDNITE", the tracks "ROCKET TO THE MOON" and "ANY MEANS NECESSARY".


“Ty, your silky soul captured my heart the moment I heard [DOWN 2 EARTH]. You are one of the true soul men who combine soul with sensuality. Slow jams and Quiet Storm, as I like them! It was worth the wait. Count me among your fans!”


"This is absolutely the best yet from the man from Ft. Wayne, Indiana! Ty Causey is an extraordinarily talented producer/singer/songwriter who has got to be one of the brightest new stars of the smooth jazz, R&B, and sensual soul genres. . . EXPRESSIONS is the album that should move Mr. Causey right to the top of the pack, where he certainly belongs. This is an outstanding project, filled with originals and compelling lyrics, memorable melodies, infectious grooves, and top-of-the-line performances. It’s a total winner."

Frost Illustrated

Ty Causey sets 'True Love In Motion' Despite what you might have been told, there are some things you can count on: The sun coming up in the east (barring some unforeseen Divine demonstration), death and taxes—and Ty Causey putting a great album. His latest, “True Love In Motion” [Tyvonn Music], a 14-song collection of dynamite love songs, is no exception. For years, I’ve been an unapologetic fan of Brother Causey. To paraphrase an old saying, a real talent is rarely honored in his or her own land. And, while Causey has earned a stellar reputation in his home of Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, toured with legendary saxophonist Najee and even earned a date at the famed Blue Note in New York with his own group, I’m still at a loss as to why this guy isn’t a national star in his own right. First of all, Causey has got one dynamite voice. It’s a classic, second- wave R&B voice—somewhere in the realm of folks like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Philip Bailey… Causey harkens back to the not so far away past when soul singers had range, tone and a sense of melody—a time when they could sing an entire song with changes and not just work the repeated hook in a near monotone drone. For the full review click here


"I suspect that if I loaned True Love in Motion to any of my friends, I'd have a hard time getting it back for the same reason that my other buddy absconded with Expressions. Causey consistently gives long time soul and R&B fans what they say the music has lacked for years - arrangements that fuse R&B with jazz and a little dash of funk, lyrics that ooze sensuality even while tastefully leaving just enough to the imagination, all sung by a man who has true control of his vocal instrument." - Howard Dukes For full review click here


"Yet again the great Man delivers the goods. In fact, this is probably his best work to date! . . . Ty is an artist I have always supported and for all the right and proper reasons. Buy a Ty Causey album and what you get are these: 1. Quality soulful music 2. fantastic vocals and 3. consistency. Neither do I tire of the man's style either. At times when some artists try and sound like everyone else to sell a few copies, Ty is true and steadfast. Respect due." - Barry Towler

Soul Heaven

“[TRUE LOVE IN MOTION] is Ty's best album so far and I didn't think he could perfect perfection, but he has.” Mark Gentry/DJ- Soul Heaven


"Ty Causey has consistently released quality product over the last few years. An album a year man, whose music comes across in a very Marvin Gaye mood. The sound is uncluttered, with Ty's gentle vocals pleasing throughout. If you liked Ty's previous albums, then this set is very much for you. What sets this album apart from his previous offerings for myself, is one particular track. Ty Causeys albums should never be seen as having a killer track, usually. The albums have to be appreciated in their entirety. Each previous album has been very much in this mould, although, this time around the song 'I Still Get Butterflies', jumped out of the grooves, and gave me quite a start! LOL In a way, as these albums are 'mood' albums, then it would be easy to bypass this song. If you did, you would do so and be very sorry you did. What a lovely melody. Almost delivered in a Ronnie McNeir 'I'm Your Lover' stylewise, this really is a cracker of a track. One for one of those warm summer days methinks. Check iTunes and see what you think. Worth the price of the album alone, although I'd pick up any album by this singer. Lovely contemporary Soul Music and completely recommended." – Toby Walker/Soulwalking

Soul Express

“There is something so satisfying about any new product from Ty Causey. I will not wax lyrical too much as I have spoken enough regarding his first two sets, but there is one thing that needs saying about "Expressions" and is it is his best, most solid and most consistent set to date. . . I can honestly say that you will not be disappointed with "Expressions". It's a very heartfelt detailed piece of soul music and should be appreciated by anyone who appreciates quality music. I sincerely hope that the man gets greater and greater exposure through this CD. A must have for lovers of quality time soul music.” For the full review click here


"Ty Causey has taken a strong, creative turn on Expressions that should provide ample material for both smooth jazz and UAC radio to highlight for some time. It should accelerate his growth as one of the most enjoyable adult soul singers around." For full review click here


"Ty doesn't go for the short “termism” of much of today’s disposable, use it and dispose of it, 'America's Got Talent' style of karaoke. Hell, America 'has' talent, and it is right here in the shape of one great singer Ty Causey!" For the full review click here


“This gentle 12 tracker has been winning acclaim for a while now and its easy to hear why, ‘cos ‘Expressions’ is a lovely, laid back piece of modern soul – absolutely perfect for those special quiet storm moments.” For full review click here


“Ty Causey has become one of the most important voices in today’s soul scene” For full review click here

Fresh Soul Flavor-APCS RADIO

"I deeply recommend all people to buy "Expressions". You will feel the real heart and soul in the songs of a man who is not ashamed to show you his real Expressions! Ty you’re the top and I am really happy to have your Art within my collection!"


June 1st, 2006 Ty Causey – N-Tysing Rekindled 4 Stars out of 4 After listening to his re-released CD, I may have just found one of the best CD's I’ve heard so far this year. "N-Tysing Rekindled" has the flavor that most vocal jazz should have; style, flair and finesse. The recording starts out with probably his best track. "Let's Get Smooth" is a outstanding tune that brings back memories of another great soul singer, Marvin Gaye. Other tracks that are of note are, "Until Sunrise" and a marvelous cover of Sting's "It's Probably Me". I'm certainly glad that this CD is getting a second look by many radio stations. Causey is a one of a kind soul singer with a range that can span from Smooth Jazz to Traditional R&B. Highly, highly recommended!


“Passionate and Awe-inspiring! After listening to “N-Tysing Rekindled” straight through I was struck by how Ty’s voice embodies passion on the most intimate levels . . . N-Tysing[Rekindled] is a collection of poetic prose nestled nicely in a bed of silky smooth down-tempo melodies and rhythms.”

Solar Radio

“Another excellent release from Ty containing so many great songs you will want to let this CD play from beginning to end. This is a very classy production and with Ty’s strong vocal performance you will not be disappointed.”



“[LOVE NOTES] is a solid soul album that deserves play . . .”

KUNV 91.5 FM Las Vegas

There’s love in the air and it begins with the cool, sultry and stimulating sounds of Ty Causey. The groove is sweet and smooth as Ty takes you to places you only dream of while listening to his fresh and breezy flow. K U N V 91.5 FM Las Vegas & Pamela’s Place will continue to embrace Ty’s groovy melodies and passionate love songs!


“Wonderfully warm vocals from Ty Causey -- one of the best male soul singers we've heard of late, and an artist with a sound that should be getting him big play in years to come! Ty's got an approach that's simple, and really classic -- a sense of style inspired by mellow vocalists of the 70s!”


“. . . this guy is the REAL THANG! [LOVE NOTES] is the type of record that you know within the first 60 seconds that the whole album is going to be ‘badd’! Each successive song simply reinforces that belief within the first few seconds.”


“When it’s time for romance, slip Ty Causey’s LOVE NOTES into the player”


“[LOVE NOTES is] Better than his last set and I really enjoyed that one. Ty has a great album here. Wish there were more out there like it”

Soul Brother Records

"Ty possesses a great soulful voice. With 'Love Notes' he follows up to and surpasses the much heralded 'N-Tysing'."

Jazz not Jazz

"Ty captures us with his warm and rich voice and his soulful self-penned songs. . . a great album full of stunning soul tunes . . ."

Soul Express

“I think it was Mae West who once said that too much of a good thing was what she wanted, and as far as this man and his music goes, I can definitely agree with her. . . The smooth R&B and sensual soul of this man continues apace with a collection (LOVE NOTES) of toe-tappers and ballads, none of which disappoint.”

Sonic Soul

"Smooth grooves and relaxed melodies, combined with expertise and knowledge is how to create the perfect jazzy Soul of today."

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Ty Causey seamlessly converges different genres in new single
(Published: October 07, 2018)

Ty Causey is a singer/songwriter whose music is a vibrant, contemporary take on R&B and crossover jazz. Causey is able to allow many different genres to converge into one, unitary vision, giving "Shake & Dance" really unique vibes. The song is a musical hybrid, in which jazz, funk, urban, soul, and pop intersect seamlessly. 

In addition to that, his vocals are beautifully controlled and dynamic, almost like a beautifully played lead instrument: think of a modern and more vibrant version of artists like Henry Belafonte or Stevie Wonder, just to mention a few.

More Information: http://tycauseymusic.com