Ty Causey



“Yet again the great Man delivers the goods. In fact, this is probably his best work to date . . . Buy a Ty Causey album and what you get are these: 1.Quality soulful music. 2. Fantastic vocals. 3. Consistency.” - Barry Towler /Soulchoonz.com “I suspect that if I loaned TRUE LOVE IN MOTION to any of my friends, I'd have a hard time getting it back for the same reason that my other buddy absconded with EXPRESSIONS. Causey consistently gives long time soul and R&B fans what they say the music has lacked for years - arrangements that fuse R&B with jazz and a little dash of funk, lyrics that ooze sensuality even while tastefully leaving just enough to the imagination, all sung by a man who has true control of his vocal instrument”. – Howard Dukes/Soultracks.com Standout and acclaimed R&B crooner Ty Causey brings in 2009 with TRUE LOVE IN MOTION, a solid collection of winning tracks, infectious beats, indelible hooks and an infusion of contemporary flows – done his way – delivered with one of the most engaging and purest voices on the scene today. Featuring “Chill 2 Nite”, the title track, “True Love In Motion”, “Closer To Your Love” and the hot first single, “Set You Free”. Ty Causey can truly be described as prolific. Crafting enjoyable tracks that keenly and eloquently interpret the intricacies of love and life is a daily obsession or as he describes it, therapy. But so too is developing his songwriting and production skills an obsession. It stems from a sincere desire to not only be considered an outstanding vocalist, but to be recognized also as a strong all around artist. On TRUE LOVE IN MOTION you will indeed hear some new approaches that are a result of his progression and a set of contemporary influences that reveal yet another side of Causey, but at the core is still his signature style and sound - sensual soul and R&B.