Ty Causey


Throughout Causey’s musical journey, maneuvering through the challenges of building a successful career, the talented vocalist, songwriter and producer has called upon and held strong to his faith and religious upbringing to pull him through and keep him on track. The yearning to share that very important side of him to the world and to acknowledge his many blessings prompted a momentary break from crafting his usual romantic fare to work on and ultimately release this, his very first Gospel project, aptly called, THE GOSPEL TRUTH. But make no mistake; this is not new territory for Causey whose beginnings, like so many great soulful vocalists, began in the church where he can be seen any given Sunday still getting his praise on.

THE GOSPEL TRUTH eloquently offers spiritual guidance, uplifting messages and affirmations laid down as always with Causey’s amazing vocal flow and flawless tone deftly riding grooves from honey smooth to super funky. From the rousing opening track that urges with fitting illustration to "Be Thankful" to the silky, down-tempo gem, "Thank You For Your Beautiful" to the high-power, glory giving for the most–high, "Praise His Name", this passion–filled collection is food for thought and celebration.

After hearing Causey bear witness there will be no doubt in your mind that he indeed lives THE GOSPEL TRUTH