Ty Causey


Singer/songwriter Ty Causey is now back with the triumphant LOVE NOTES, following up his highly acclaimed debut N-TYSING.

His outstanding debut received high praise in the U.S. as well as abroad and gave notice to an engaging new voice with the timeless qualities and flair of renowned R&B/Soul singers.

Once again Causey’s golden tone reigns supreme in a set that boasts both hip-swaying grooves and silky -smooth fare but with an even more soulful lean than his previous project. True to its name, LOVE NOTES is a script for romance at every level from the playful to the seductive, finely delivered with his trademark passion, sincerity and expansive range in great abundance. Featuring standout tracks such as “Loves Messin’ With Me”, “Keep On Lovin’ Me”, “Step Out Tonight” and “I Miss You”, this collection is already being hailed as even stronger than his debut. LOVE NOTES is sure to continue what N-TYSING began and contribute greatly to the deserving rise of a truly engaging soul singer.

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