Ty Causey


Songwriter, producer and outstanding vocalist, Ty Causey has now released his strongest project to date with the highly anticipated EXPRESSIONS!
As with his prior projects EXPRESSIONS is a triumphant platform for his engaging tone, great range and silky smooth delivery along with an apt compliment of thoughtful, moving lyrics that delve through the spectrum of life and love’s best and most challenging moments. It is, as always, a joy to behold as he lays it down with a charm and swaying sincerity on winning cuts throughout. Cuts such as lead singles “Heartbreak Paradise” and “Pick Up the Pieces” - the tempting, “So Addictive” - “Dark Cloud” featuring solid work from standout smooth jazz guitarist/producer U-Nam or the very beautiful “Wishing You Were Mine”. But also on EXPRESSIONS are even more memorable melodies, infectious grooves and his identifiable growth as a first-rate producer. As premiere soul music hotspot, SOULTRACKS.COM states, “Ty Causey has taken a strong, creative turn on Expressions that should provide ample material for both smooth jazz and UAC radio to highlight for some time. It should also accelerate his growth as one of the most enjoyable adult soul singers around.” *NOTE: EXPRESSIONS is an enhanced CD featuring a video interview with Ty Causey